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Are you interested in amateur radio or becoming licensed and want to find out more? Send us an enquiry!

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Welcome to the Dundee Amateur Radio Club website.

Dundee ARC is a collection of amateur radio enthusiasts who share an interest and wish to promote radio use and experimentation. This takes the form of talks, events, competitions, workshops and excursions. Our members meet socially to share skills and ideas and we participate in internal and external competitions in order to practice and hone our skills. Members have a wide range of experience and there is a warm welcome for people of all abilities and interests. Club members interests involve VHF and UHF local communications and 'net' chats, digital voice radio, HF radio (worldwide), digital radio modes such as FT8, Slow Scan TV, satellite communications and much more.

So if you have an interest in amateur radio or wish to become licensed and involved in amateur radio experimentation please contact us and come along to a meeting.

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